The art of giving people the right information at the exact time they need to make a decision.

We transform complex, into something beautifully simple.

A wayfinding system is much more than a sign visitors glance at in a hallway or on the road. It’s critical information people use to get from one location to the next. The solution isn’t always to add another sign, as having too many signs can confuse and overwhelm, causing the whole system to be ignored.  We’ve worked with governments, municipalities, and local business to create the simplest and most effective ways to get from point A to point B.

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Our first step is understanding your immediate needs. We study your location, visitor profiles, and destinations to create an information hierarchy that identifies landmarks and defines clear pathways to each destination. From casual travellers to groups in a rush, we think of every person who might cross this path.


Consistency and clarity are crucial in the development of a successful wayfinding system. We use your brand to create graphic design standards which result in a uniform look to all your signage. With every wayfinding system, we consider the visually impaired, multilingual, people with disabilities, and those simply in a hurry, making sure your signage is recognizable for everybody.


A wayfinding system is useless without correct installation. Having studied, designed, and manufactured your system, there’s no one better to install it than us. We’ve dealt with the complications that come with wall-mounted identity signs, overhead signs, stairwell signage, and everything in between.


Your signage system is expected to last for years. Damage from the weather, heavy traffic, and vandalism, or simply the change of a local landmark or highway exit, could render your sign idle. We have your designs on file, meaning we’re the quickest option to replace, repair, and update any signs we’ve made.