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Making Canadian roads safer.

As Canada’s leading traffic safety supplier, we pride ourselves in the ability to protect our roads with competitive shipping rates and fair prices. We have plenty of BC MoT and MUTCD standard traffic signs, parking signs, and traffic safety products in stock, making a quick turnaround our guarantee. We are honoured to protect Canada’s roadways, pedestrians, riders, and drivers.

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Traffic Signage

  • Regulatory Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Construction Signs
  • Extruded Highway Guide Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Information Signs
  • Specialty & Custom Signs
  • Pedestrian & School Zone Signs

Traffic Products

  • Polara Accessible Pedestrian System
  • Carsonite® Markers, Delineators, & Posts
  • Qwik Kurb® Channeling Product
  • GNR Tech Traffic & Parking Lot Safety
  • Rain Line™ Profiled Markings
  • Rayolits Reflective Markers